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About our Pastor

Apostle Vanessa A Edwards

Emmanuel Pentecostal Church of God was founded by the late Bishop Edward G Fitzgerald and First Lady Evangelist Vanessa A Fitzgerald in the year of our Lord 1993, in Norfolk, Virginia. After the passing of our beloved Bishop Edward G Fitzgerald, our First Lady, after much prayer took on the ministry and continued teaching and preaching the gospel. In the year 1999, she was ordained Elder and at the same time, installed as Pastor of Emmanuel Pentecostal Church of God; earned her Doctorate Degree of Divinity from Shiloh Theological Seminary. As the Lord continued to take our Pastor to higher levels, in the year 2000 our Pastor was consecrated Bishop over the Fifth Sunday Fellowship. In April 2006, Bishop Fitzgerald was moved by the Holy Spirit, to change the name of the church to Greater Emmanuel Ministries. In August 2006, our Pastor remarried to now our Co-Pastor Troy Edwards. They both are working side by side in Ministry. Her devotion and faithful service to God and the body of Christ has spanned over three decades. Her desire is to win the lost to Christ as stated in (St.Matt.18:11).

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